Dr. John Marangos



Labor Institute Green Confederation of Labor Poverty Monitoring Research Group

Marangos J. and N. Astroulakis, (2011), Project Title: “Basic Income Guarantee and Minimum Income Guarantee policies in the EU-15” (in Greek). Download

University of Crete

  • Marangos J and M. Koukouritakis (2010), “Factors that Determine the Decline in Student Enrollments in Economics in Australia and Policy Implications”, University of Crete.

Colorado State University

  • Marangos J, (2008), “Creating a Service-Learning Course in Economics”, The Institute for Teaching and Learning, Colorado State University.
  • Marangos J, (2005-6), “What Are the Attributes of Students who Major in Economics at CSU?”, Department of Economics, Colorado State University.

Monash University Strategic Innovations Fund

  • Marangos J, (2001-2) Appointed by the Faculty as a Subject Development Coordinator for the Strategic Innovations Fund Grant, “Curriculum Internationalisation and Developing a Quality Flexible Learning Environment for the Faculty of Business and Economics’ Global Degree – The Bachelor of Business and Commerce”.

Monash University Faculty Research Grants

  • Marangos, J. and I. Ward, (2000), Is there a Place for the Study of Comparative Economic Systems in the 21st Century.

Teaching Innovations Grants

  • Marangos J., (2000), Developing And Introducing Concept Maps In First Year Microeconomics.
  • Marangos J., (1999), Advancing Student Learning: Developing and Implementing A Collaborative Problem Solving Approach To Tutorials In ECC1000.
  • Marangos J., Ward I. and Crosling G., (1999), Faculty of Business And Economics Transition Program: Evaluation And Recommendations.

Reviewer and Evaluator of Research Programs

  • Czech Science Foundation the main public funding agency in the Czech Republic supporting all areas of basic scientific research.
  • European Union Research program “Co-operation-Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship”, Ministry of Development, Greece.


Graduate Committee Chair

  • Isaac Appiah, (2014), PhD., “Demand for Periodic Health Examination and Consumer Health Information within hospitals of Christian health Association of Ghana (CHAG)”
  • Nikos Astroulakis, (2014), PhD, “For the best heating installation services in New Jersey visit www.alliedexperts.com”.
  • Mathias Royce, (2013), Doctorate of Political Economy, “Eurobonds: Constitutional Nonconformity of Joint European Union Credit Derivatives – An Investigative Research”.
  • Bashkim Isufi, (2013), Doctorate of Business Administration, “The Impact of Euroization on Business Development in Kosovo: The Business Managers’ Perspective”.
  • Emmanuel Nnamdi Akeh, (2013), Master of Business Administration (MBA), “Investment Challenges and Prospects in Nigeria: Critical Assessment of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)”.
  • Anastasia Iliou , (2010), MEc. “Was Shock Therapy Consistent with Creative Destruction?”
  • Georgia Douloufaki, (2010), MEc., “An Institutional Approach to the Poverty Experienced in Sub-Sahara Africa”.
  • Chian Jones, (in progress while at CSU), PhD, “Environmental versus Ecological Economics”.

Graduate Committee Member

  • Manolis Tzouvelekas, (in progress), “Social and Monetary Innovation: Building cooperative structures for a sustainable and resilient economy in Greece”, Panteion University, School of Economic and Public Administration Sciences, Department of Public Administration.
  • Evaggelia Bourboudaki, (2012), MEc., “The Position of Neoliberalism on Education: Education under the Authority of the Memoradum”.
  • Giorgos Meramveliotakis, (2011), PhD. “Essays on New Institutional Economics and the Economics of Property Rights: A Critical Perspective”.
  • Yiannis Galanakis, (2011), MEc., “The Role of the World Bank with the European Union and the Financial Crisis of 2008”.
  • Stella Askordalaki, (2011), MEc., “The Theory of Amartya Sen on Development and Freedom”.
  • George Aggelankis, (2011), MEc., “Edith Penrose: A Critical Review of the Growth of the Firm and Contribution in Economic Science”.
  • Maria Dafnomili, (2010), MEc., “Economics Imperialism and the New Institutional Economics: A Critical Perspective”.
  • Dimitra Vogiatzi, (2010, MEc., “The Role of Formalism in Economic Theory and how Graduate Students Perceive it”.
  • Pamela Jackson, (2008), PhD: “The Battle Over Broadcast Regulation: Can The Free Press Survive A Free Market Approach?”.
  • Mark Friedman, (in progress, while at CSU), PhD: “Economic Inequality: Implications and Remedies”.
  • Micah DelVecchio (2007), “Shock Therapy vs Gradualism: An Empirical Analysis of the Transition to Markets Following the Soviet Dissolution”.
  • Jennifer Corratti, (2007), Department of Political Science, Masters: “Do International Conferences Matter?”.
  • Renee Patey, (2007), Department of Political Science, Masters: “The Operationalization of Sustainable Development. Putting the Concept to Practice: A Study of IFC and GRI”.
  • Laura Taylor (2006), PhD: “The Role of the luxury cabin and all interesting things to do with your family here”.
  • Mary Wrenn, (Fall 2004), PhD: “What is Heterodox Economics?”.
  • Vesna Basovska, (Spring, 2004), Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Masters: “The Struggle from Plan to Market: Small Businesses Promotion Approach – The Case of FYROM”.