Dr. John Marangos


University of Macedonia

Comparative Economic Systems I
Comparative Economic Systems II
Economics of Transition
Modernization and Development in Central and Eastern Europe
Principles of Macroeconomics
Political Economy of European Integration
Greek Economy 1945-Today.

Hellenic Open University (online)

Economic Analysis and Policy
Administration of Businesses and Organizations
Industrial Organization, Labor Economics and European Business

Colorado State University Global (online)

ECN500 Global Economics
MGT672: Decision Making Theory within the Global Marketplace

Grand Canyon University (online)

ECN-361 Microeconomics
ECN-362 Macroeconomics
ECN-363 Essential of Economics
ECN-450 International Trade and Finance
SYM-506 Applied Business Probability and Statistics
BUS-660 Quantitative Methods
ECN-601 Economics
RES-871 Developing the Formal Proposal
DBA-955 Dissertation I
DBA-960 Dissertation II
DBA-965 Dissertation III
DBA-966 Research Continuation I
DBA-967 Research Continuation II
DBA-968 Research Continuation III
DBA-969 Research Continuation IV
DBA-970 Research Continuation V
DBA-975 Dissertation Research Continuation
RES-871 Developing the Formal Proposal

Swiss Management Center University (online)

BBA Government and Business
BBA International Business and Trade
BBA Microeconomics
DBA Managerial Economics
DoP Advanced Political Theory
DoP International Relations
GCC International Business and Trade
CC Managerial Economics
Corporate Finance and Governance
Development Economics
Comparative Foreign Policy
Economics of Knowledge and Labor Migration

Jones International University (online)

MBA580: MBA Capstone
BC681-MABC Capstone

University of Crete

Graduate course Comparative Economic Systems
ΣΟΣΟ100 Comparative Economic Systems
OIOΘΟ History of Economic Thought ΙΙ
OIMO100 Economics of Transition I
OIMO101 Economics of Transition II
PMAO300 Advanced Macroeconomics Seminar
ΑΝΑΟ361 Economic Development II Seminar

Colorado State University

EC372 History of Economic Thought
EC505 Political Economy I
EC332 International Political Economy
EC370 Comparative Economic Systems
EC492 Senior Seminar-Transition Economics
ECC202 Principles Microeconomics

University of Ballarat

BE507 Business Economics
BE617 Comparative Economic Systems
BE703 Economic Policy in Australia
BS622 Competitive Analysis
BE402 Business Economics MBA Hong Kong

Monash University


ECW1102 Macroeconomics
ECX1100 Microeconomics
ECX2710 Microeconomics
ECF9530 Economics (Melbourne and Hong Kong)
ECC1000 Microeconomics,
ECC1010 Macroeconomics
ECC2810 Comparative Economic Systems,
ECC2820 Capitalism: Contrasting Views.
EUR5090.12 Interpreting East and Central Europe


ECC1000 Economics
ECC1100 Economics
ECC2810 Comparative Economic Systems
ECC2820 Capitalism: Contrasting Views

University of Melbourne


1992 – 1996
316-101 Introductory Macroeconomics
316-302 Introductory Microeconomic

316-201 Macroeconomics
326-202 Microeconomics
316-301 International Economics

316-201 Macroeconomics
326-202 Microeconomics